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Hey there Wild, Wise and perhaps even a little bit Wicked, Woman, 


Meet your new secret weapon for catalysing your inner power and liberation. 


I’m a natural guide and energy tracker as a 2/4 Projector in Human Design. I see where alignment and truth lives in your system and the greatest expression of that so that you can be guided into your dream life. You don’t see you, but I do. 


I take you out of your head and INTO your body, the place where your true wisdom abides. I’m obsessed with unravelling the DOMESTICATION and conditioning of my being and this is what happens when you choose to work with me. 


We bring the fullness of your essence home into the temple of your flesh. 


I am here to support you in creating a life of Alignment with your True Self. Your most wildly expressed, no limits self. Has shame, guilt or should’s snuck their way into your life?…… let us dissolve them and see what kind of life unfolds. 


Imagine feeling full of life force, where you are connected spiritually into the depths of your being, and are energetically awakened. Where you have transformed your overwhelming sensitivities and not enoughness into your genius gifts.  And you are no longer living your anxious pattern of go-go-go and are in peace and flow.


From Armoured to Awakened. 

From Protective to Powerful. 

From Dead to Alive.

From Anxious to Free. 


Coming from a hippie community I always wanted to be a professional and not live in the shame of beaten up cars and clothes that didn’t fit properly. I left home young at 16 and went to London. Spent all of my life up until my early 30’s, in 2013, working in the corporate realm. Obtaining degrees and a Masters of Psychology. Getting married and creating what I thought I needed to do to be successful but a lot of my choices were coming from a place of not thinking I could have anything better. 


Using my intellect which I’d been much praised for led me so far and I enjoyed the sense of value in having this important role. But in the meantime I was lost connection with who I really was and I ended up feeling like my life force was being sucked out of me. 


After a messy and painful divorce and a lot of soul searching I started following things that lit me up. And here I am now! I found the world of somatics and spirituality and since then I’ve been able to find my own methodology and process from the mystery realms as well as the somatic realms, while rooted in science and psychology. 


My promise walking this earth is that this is a much more potent way to live out your life. 


One where you question all the rules and forge your own path. 


Has your life got too serious, full of rules and schedules…

 Is there stagnation in your relationship… 

Are you letting your insecurities limit you…..

Would it be true to say that you are feeling the call,

…… to freedom

…. to something greater?


If you are feeling stuck or limited, or looking for your next expansion, this is where you will expand the imaginary boundaries you hold within, of right and wrong, good and bad. Those that are blocking your life force and your free, natural and unique expression.


The mind will tell you one thing. . But I am here to show you another way….. A way in which you disrupt the status quo in all arenas of your life and live fully alive! As you step through the portal of your choice I, Nina Powell, will guide you. The results belong to you. 

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