'There comes a time when a woman has grown too vast for the life she has built'
About the Creator


I guide women into their Wild, Divine, Orgasmic existence where they have divine love and holy sex. 





Nina invites a select few individuals to work with her privately and in the experiential group containers she curates. 


When you step into the alchemical container of service to the Wild Divine Orgasmic in you it's potency catalyses your whole life into new realms of existence. 


If you’re reading this........

you’re ready to meet all of you, including your Wild, Divine, Orgasmic nature. Not the domesticated version of you that got lost in being the good girl, good wife, good home keeper, chasing degrees and professional status, while serving your family and striving to please everyone.  


Your true self is raw. She’s mysterious, potent, sensual, Divine. She turns heads and is unapologetic for never holding back her fullest expression.


Welcome to the next phase of your journey.


Introducing the Wild Awakening


All too often we end up suffocating in our current reality and watering ourselves down. Ending up separated from the pure wildness of our inner being.  


Women get pulled away from their magical, wild, divine, orgasmic nature. We chase degrees, serve our careers and families, live in a society that conditions and constrains us. In doing so, the voice of our soul song becomes quieter and quieter until one day–


We forget that our soul ever sang a song at all.


We end up in relationships where we're settling. We lose ourselves in fantasies of passionate lovemaking with other men, impossibly perfect men who stir our depths, worship our femininity, and make us feel fulfilled.


But the truth is, the solution isn’t out there. The remedy to the disconnect and dissatisfaction can only be found within ourselves. We can bounce from relationship to relationship, and town to town, but if we don’t cultivate our own orgasmic, wild, divine nature, frustration will follow us wherever we go and we'll always feel like we are settling for something less than what we truly desire. 


Your Wild, Divine, Orgasmic nature is never been far away. In fact, this part of us resides inside the physical body. We become numb or develop uncomfortable symptoms of restlessness, physical pain, and 3 am sleeplessness when our capacity to behold her is tested.


While conditioning and trauma create layers of distortion, we each have within ourselves the power to transmute these layers into gold: life force, freedom and orgasmic aliveness.  


Here we integrate the fullness of your essence within the temple of your flesh. And fundamentally transform your life along the way.


Along this path, we celebrate the sensuous, the glamorous, the raw and the luminary. You will discover, just as I did, that life cannot help but be catalysed by the divinely intoxicating presence of woman’s pure Wild, Divine, Orgasmic life force unleashed.


Liberated and embodied, we disrupt the status quo.


Undiluted and unapologetic, we lead other women to do the same.


Welcome, Beloved. This is where we tap into new levels of your fierce, divine power and liberate your Wild, Divine, Orgasmic nature.


Your Journey Into Your

Begins Here ........

I feel so much more in my feminine, more than I ever have. Work with Nina. Just do it.


I felt like I was all dried up and this work opened me up to that space (sensually, sexually, back to who I am) and took me to a whole another level!



I came to Nina because I wanted to finally shift the memories and the pain of being raped when I was a teenager.  It felt like a rock/lump...something physical that kept coming up. I had created a 'habit of how to' deal with life as it rolled on but I wanted to shift my identification with that and move it out of my system. I now feel like I'm back! 

This experience has transformed my life. I tread more authentically and in return feel more light and jovial.  I have become more open and receptive and new doors are opening. It's fucking great! 


I had an impossible block. I came to Nina with a certainty and fear that I would NOT succeed in achieving any kind of orgasm with my partner. AND NOW.... not only did we blow that out of the water but we also succeeded in reaching what I thought was a totally unattainable goal of earth shattering orgasms in just minutes.

THIS is a total life changer for me. I am finally for the first time in my life experiencing the potential I have sexually and the best sex of my life. I trust my body to let go, receive and surrender.  

I feel like I have literally reprogrammed my body.  All within 5 weeks! AND it just gets better and better! We sometimes laugh and say let's call NZ and tell Nina!

(Most choose to keep these kind of experiences  confidential. This has been shared with her permission but with her name and any identifying details left out. 


I have too many important new situations in my life. You can’t even imagine. I’ve met a new person in which I fell in love. The magnetic eroticism was a very powerful connection. For the first time in my life I felt wanted, desired and sexual, like crazy. In the meantime I’ve decided to tell my husband that it’s over with us as a couple. I’ve decided not to go back to frustration and impotency. Maybe it will be difficult because we live in a small community with a strong catholic background but I’m determined. It’s not about the new person, it’s all about me to be sincere with myself. To be in that marriage was like dying slowly alive. Now the situation with my sexuality is at a very good level. I can put into practice all the knowledge that I have learned from you. First I couldn’t sleep during the night, like my soul needed to be awake to take another path. But now I sleep. I wanted to express to you all my gratitude for being here when I needed to. 



This is the Wild Divine Orgasmic House of Nina Powell where women come to untame their being and be catalysed into a whole new reality of existence!