The offerings here are what I wish I’d had when I was feeling lost about who I was anymore, healing from sexual trauma and anxiety, and working out what to do with my life. 


In a major transition phase that was kickstarted by a divorce, I went on a deep inner transformational journey and reclaimed my power, pleasure and passion and discovered how to create a life that you love. 


My life experiences have given me a strong sense that we have this one life to live. 


If you have been through divorce and want to experience deep intimacy and love in the future, or really want your current relationship to not only work but be amazing, reclaiming and remembering who you are is the magic key. 

Ways to Begin


A 2-hour deep dive initial breakthrough session for $500.  Where we look at where you are now, open you up to the possibilities for what you would like instead, and create a blueprint for the journey.

This session will take you from feeling stuck into divine clarity and everything will make sense. 



1-day or 2-day 1-2-1 Divine Alignment Retreat $1800/$3500


You want accelerated healing and breakthroughs in your life. You’d love to have clarity on the next steps for your life and you’re ready for big transformation and change. You want to feel deeply connected to yourself, to be able to access the potential of pleasure within you and to create a life you love that includes incredible intimacy. 


These alignment days include one pre-call to connect you with your desires and to prepare you to get the most from the time together and one post-call to support you in the integration and implementation of your dreams, healing and next steps.


Lunch and refreshments are included if we are in person. However, in the current circumstances, we can also do this virtually if preferred.


I provide you with accommodation options and these are booked separately. 


After your first payment, we can schedule a pre-call to get you ready for your VIP experience.


Full payment must be completed before the day/days.  




You wish to create a life that you are in love with where you are awakened to the vast well of pleasure potential within you, have deep intimacy and feel connected to who you truly are and how you are meant to be living.  As a high-achieving woman you’ve lived most of your life following your intellect and now want to discover the full depths of your being. You wish to be deeply connected to your body and liberate the fullness of your feminine essence and your fierce, divine power.  enously turned-on by. 

  1. 3 Months Unlimited 1:1 Access and Private Healing and Guiding Mentorship with Nina. $5k or $1888 a month

  2. 6 Months Unlimited 1:1 Access and Private Healing and Guiding Mentorship with Nina. $10k or $1888 a month.  


  • (3) 90 Minute Virtual Coaching and Consulting Intensives each month

  • UNLIMITED ACCESS to Voice and Text Message and on the spot coaching. 



The bite sized path of awakening to your full pleasure, power and potential. 

  1. 2 Months commitment of three (3) 1-hour sessions with Nina a month. $1100.