About Me

Nina Powell, 


Purposed with infectious inspiration, Nina is the founder of the Wild, Divine, Orgasmic Leadership Movement. Nina is sharing her liberation with the world's most impeccable women through individual and group experiences and retreats. Her clients, the bravest of women; enjoy amazing connections to their body, feel exquisite levels of self-expression, and step into their power like nobody's business. These women access their true inner goddess, magnetize their desires, and hold a divine magnetism that brings them an impenetrable inner joy and peace.

I guide women into their Wild Divine Orgasmic liberation where they experience divine love and the most incredible sex of their lives. I understand deeply how to unlock life force and transform the past and present so that you can live with pleasure, power and purpose. 

I’ve become a woman who will no longer ever settle

After years of being good and following the formula for success as a good student with a ton of degrees, the good corporate businesswoman, the good wife, the good home keeper, etc., etc. I realised I’d been living in my head, for many many years. I'd been following my intellect and working really hard. I’d lost connection with my body, my soul and my purpose and started to question everything. My life and sex life felt robotic and repetitive. I remember lying in bed not knowing what to do but feeling frustrated and desperate that something must change.

I realised I'd spent much of my life being chosen, not choosing. I was constantly settling, and accepting what was good enough. I'd had relationships where I wasn’t even attracted to them. I got married because I didn’t think I’d meet anyone else and I wanted babies. I chose a career that seemed sensible because I didn’t know what else to do.  I'd got all the right pieces in life; husband, property, expanding career as a Human Factors Consultant and Occupational Psychologist. 


From the outside, I looked like a woman in her power. Highly intelligent, accomplished and successful. I had money. I had work where I travelled all around the world. I was challenged and growing. But there was this odd mismatch in who I was on the outside versus what I was feeling inside. 


More and more I began to feel like my life didn’t match who I was or how I felt it ought to be. I felt like I was pretending and playing roles. I hit depression and my life started to go into chaos. Until it got to the point where I had no choice but to do something about it. 


In a moment of emotional distress, I searched online for meditation and community and went away for a weekend experience. This began a journey of coming back to who I am in my ultimate depths.  My spiritual and soul Self became a priority. 


Along the way, I met the parts of me that needed healing and transformation. The parts that I’d lost through a life of following my rational intellect. The parts of me that were deadened from being raped at university. The part that would shrink and have anxiety from early childhood hospital trauma. The parts where I’d said yes when really I’d wanted to say no.  The conditioning that had me settling in a relationship. Reclaiming my power and transforming my past traumas and conditioning into life force and freedom. 


I began more and more to follow my desires. Desires for doing things that had no 'practical' outcome. It was revolutionary!


I experienced an awakening.  It felt like I'd been dead and had now come back to life! 


I felt my power and life force come into my body, my limbs, my cells, my blood and my bones. I started having EPIC orgasms that connected me to the Divine. I discovered a feminine softness and fluidity that could open and dance sensuously like that woman on the other side of the room that I’d envied for years. I reconnected with my healthy expression of the wild woman in me where my old habit of wild woman satisfaction from drugs and alcohol became no match for the incredible ecstatic bliss, joy and freedom I could experience totally sober.  


I discovered how much my inner state had been creating my experience of life.  It wasn't until my nervous system had settled through the trauma healing that I received that I fully landed in my life. I'd had so much thinking about needing the perfect place to live and perfect circumstances in order to be truly happy.


My life became amazing, a new relationship, new soul led work, living in a new country. I’d chosen everything and felt all in heart, sex and soul, no settling. I realised that for the first time in my life I felt truly free. 


When my inner world transformed I realised much of my thinking of this or that not being right was my nervous system being bound up with the past. It was causing me to want to run. Fight, flight or freeze are the only solutions that our ancient brain structures have.


Truth can only come once we've transformed our inner world and reclaimed our life force. 


Then we find that it’s possible to both create an amazing life AND enjoy it! 

I am now a fierce navigatrix of the body and non-ordinary states of consciousness. I work deep within your body accessing other realms and altered states, magic and the cosmos. Transmuting all your constriction, blocks, limiting beliefs, traumas and conditioning into the juiciest, holy, wild life force. 


In the journey’s we go on, I draw from various modalities that I have deeply studied. I have many qualifications including an MSc. with distinction in Psychology of Human Factors and Systems, Reflexology, Somatic Sexology Coach and Educator, Sexological Bodywork, Holistic Pelvic Care™, Somatic Experiencing™ Advanced techniques, Anatomy & Physiology, Biopsychology, Neuroscience, Vaginal/Yoni Mapping & Orgasmic Breathwork. As well as many years of Somatic Meditation, Buddhist Tibetan Tantra and Neo-Tantra training and practice and shamanic earth-based spirituality. 


But it’s the construct I have within my being that is the true catalyst for instigating your dreams into reality and liberating your existence. I studied hard to come back to the fact I already knew how to SEE and LIBERATE the vast cosmos of life force and potential in others. 


I am an expert at taking you to places you’ve never been and completely changing your nervous system and psyche so you can live a life in full integrity and truth.  

I am that I am. I am that I am. I am the Divine in human form, as are you. My wild potency is here to liberate you so you live FREE with your Wild, Divine, Orgasmic nature awakened and streaming through every-single-cell-of-your-body-bones-and-being.


Those who work with me,  The Red Wolf, free up their life force, and embark on a journey of reconnecting with their inner wild woman, their untamable essence. 


Ready to begin? There are three ways to get started. 


Want to have clarity on your next steps for your life? Step into a two week 1-1 process of clearing away, transforming and transmuting so that you can gain clarity and insight. 

Wild Freedom

Become a wild woman creatrix of your life with clarity and confidence. 

6 month 1-1 or group virtual experience. 

Awakening Retreats

Want to liberate your Wild, Divine, Orgasmic nature? 

1-1 private and Group Retreats in exquisite, luxurious, wild locations. 

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