Meet the Sexologist Helping Kiwis Embrace Their Inner Wild Woman

We focus on our physical health and our mental health, but are we placing enough priority on our sexual self as well? Capsule talks to Kiwi sexologist Nina Powell about how tapping into our wild and sensual selves can bring us to our fullest potential… and the best sex of our lives.

How to live your most wild, divine, orgasmic life... w/ Nina Powell

That woman is Nina Powell. A metaphorical rock star. A real life Goddess. A woman who completely and utterly owns her own life force and sexual energy, both inside the bedroom and out in the world, and knows how to wield it with such presence and power that it will make you purr and roar in equal measures. And better still, knows how to help others unlock and live their most wild, divine, orgasmic life too.

Sexuality, Desires and the Other Side of Intimacy with Nina Powell

‘I want what she’s having’ with Nina Powell 

Orgasms, Libido, Sexuality & Masturbation - with Nina Powell

Pleasure Through Divorce, Menopause & Major Life Transitions

We all experience turbulent transitional times in life: having a baby, going through a relationship breakup/divorce, menopause or the now common quarter-life crisis. Many women experience a lack of desire during these phases due to the fundamental shifts happening within us. The bodily experiences change. We suddenly feel ourselves in different ways.

That’s why these major events are called transformational: they change our perspective, the way we see ourselves and who we want to be in the world.

This is were Nina Powell steps in to help steer the focus of regret and confusion into a catalyst for creating a better (sex) life than before. Despite some popular dialogue in the mainstream, love, sex & pleasure is available to be experienced at any age, so why not?

Ladies. Are we having the best sex ever at 30? Yes… when we’re 30, and the best is always yet to come.

Listen to Nina explaining how we can rise from adversity, rediscover our desire and step into even more pleasure.