Feb 24, 2022

Orgasmic living has been the secret of powerful and vibrantly alive women all around the globe for centuries. Society tried it’s best to commodify, shame, reduce, abuse and harm women into behaving and into believing that their sexuality was dangerous. However, there have always been those wise ones who didn’t listen to the voice of suppression and instead trusted what they knew to be true. These women have been called witches, sluts, and whores and have been, and still do, get punished for it. But right now we have a movement.  A strong movement. A liberation movement.  Women are freeing themselves and transforming their beliefs and that of society so that we can live fully alive!! Orgasmic living is Divine life force and it is your path to freedom. Orgasmic living is the new black. 


I want to tell you how you can liberate this natural state within you, and with it feel new levels of freedom, richness and joy in your life. I have a dream that all women will stop shutting down the natural flow of orgasmic life force in their body and feel more and more like themselves and more and more alive!


What I have realised is that most people are living in their heads, not in their bodies. I know because I was one of them. Busy moving through life being a good corporate robot, good wife, good homekeeper, getting lots of degrees, being a wonderwoman professional etc etc. Fitting ourselves into roles and meeting all the demands put on us from our family and work. 

We’ve moved further and further away from living in the way that our bodies most desire. 


The way that our bodies cope is numbing out, hardening, and creating armour. Which shuts down the flow of life force and orgasmic living. It’s a clever coping mechanism of the body and makes it possible for us to carry on, until …..








When the loss of our softness and sensuality becomes too much and we’ll do anything to get rid of the deadness we feel. 


By letting our oh so clever minds lead we stop living. How many people are waiting for a holiday or waiting for retirement so that they can live. It’s in each moment that we can be alive. It is through the body that we experience life. 


The way to open ourselves up to orgasmic living is simple. We must come back to our body and remove the conditioning and traumas from our nervous system that is obscuring our natural orgasmic living state so we can feel connected to our bodies, to ourselves and to life. 


The result…. fulfilment, satisfaction and no more of those 3am urgent thoughts that create so much distress such as that you must leave your marriage or you’ll suffocate, that you need to move to a different place, that external things must change in order for you to be happy. What I have discovered after healing my nervous system and liberating my orgasmic potential and life force, is that hunting outside of myself like a hungry ghost in one of the hell realms described in Buddhism was not the answer. That the place of feeling happy and content was within me. It was me, that was the problem, not my situation or my partner.   


Wilheim Reich, the maverick and visionary psychoanalyst of the 20th century, coined this orgasmic life force orgone (from the words "orgasm" and "organism"). He believed it radiated throughout the universe and was in all life, and that enhanced amounts of orgone could improve all mental and physical wellbeing. He was a pioneer in his field with his approach to focusing on the communication of the body in order to overcome emotional and psychological issues. When he was working with his patients he noticed a rigidity in their bodies and became curious about whether the past was also stored in the body, not just in memories. He believed that this armouring stopped people from feeling emotions, and from feeling their pain, but it also stopped them from feeling pleasure. 


There is an undeniable connection between the state in our bodies and how we feel. When the body is tight the mind is busy. When the body is open the mind is quiet. We even have language commonly used that refers to tension in the body but we’ve largely forgotten it’s meaning. For instance, we call people tight arsed, or anally retentive, and most people can picture very easily what a person with that characteristic is like. You can test it yourself by clenching your anus right now and see how it makes the rest of your body feel. It makes you feel uptight, doesn't it! 


The most common pattern for women in the pelvis is being overly tight. We’ve been conditioned to hold our bellies in and many pilates teachers teach us to use a root lock throughout your day while tucking your pelvis in so your belly is flat. Whereas, the body’s natural state is total and utter relaxation and openness, not all this controlling! See how african women sway their hips while walking even while carrying water on their head. That is how our body is supposed to move; freely and in flow. 


Orgasmic living requires a radical approach. It requires us to work with the body and the tension we hold so that life force can flow freely and with it our orgasmic aliveness. In particular opening up in the pelvis and sexual centre. 


It is not just about orgasms. Although it certainly is a huge part of our awakening to all of who we are when we liberate our full potential to access the Divine and the cosmos through our orgasmming. The pelvic region of the body is also related to our knowing of ourselves, who we are and what we are here to do in their world, our sense of personal power, sensuality, creativity, sexuality, and vitality. We need to come in and down, in and down, into our bodies, into our sexual centre in order to become, and live as, all of who we are. This is how we unlock more potential and have relationships unfold in a whole new way of amazing. 


When you are inhabiting your body to this level of depth, you feel much better as your energy isn’t leaking out everywhere draining you, and you become like a magnet where people see you on the other side of the room and are saying to their friends, “I want what she’s having”, “who is that woman!”. The Goddess has landed. Now you can see why harm in this area of the body is such a powerful weapon for suppression! 


If you so choose to be part of this movement of orgasmic living be ready to feel your most confident ever and have the greatest sense of knowing who you are. Be ready to feel like you belong like you never have before. Be ready to be magnetic as fuck and as potent as a Goddess. It's a call home to living as all of you. 


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