Aug 07, 2022

I am buzzing right now after an epic dance-off in my office. There are some things that many of you probably don't know about me. For just a moment there I was right back on the dancefloor in London at my favourite monthly club, a fetish club, that I attended for years. I put on music from an old friend who would do the main set at this club with a wild and pumping dance-non-stop dancefloor. Ah that feeling of sensuous sexiness, power, love and respect. What a turn-on! Isn't it amazing how the body can remember! I'd go there with my closest friends and get my latex shined at the door by a very willing participant. The whole experience a smorgasbord for the senses. 


The permission I gave myself in those years has stayed with me forever. "I'm not interested in right and wrong, only in wrong and fun" (JP). I explored and moved towards what opened my heart to love, bliss and wonder. One of the reasons I am such a genius with transformation and transmutation for others is this 'training' for years I was in. There is literally nothing that you could ever say to me that won't have me responding with curiosity. 


The reason so many people get blocked in their lives and feel 'dead' inside or suffocated is because there is all these ideas of right and wrong. But are scared that if you open your mouth it will all come tumbling down. 


Sometimes all you need for your next incredible breakthrough is to give yourself permission to speak the things that you are leaving unsaid. Once you do this you free up your true desires to come alive, life starts to pulse again and your soul gets turned on. I know this because I have had too many clients to count have incredible breakthroughs after our first conversation BEFORE we even begin any official work together as they share with me all the things that they've never said out loud before.


*The photo is from back in the day 🔥


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