Aug 07, 2022
You can’t feel truly happy when you disregard your feelings and desires.
When you realise your feelings and desires are allowed then you will feel amazing and free.
When you make how you feel important your body will open to its full capacity for pleasure.
When  you make how you feel right then you will have the love and sex life you desire.
It’s really easy to settle for less than what you want.
You end up with a relationship that’s ok, sex that’s ok, life feeling ok.
Everything isn’t how you want it because you’ve shut down and become armoured in your heart and in your body.
There is a lot you’ve buried and you’re tolerating far too much.
Everything that you allow rather than CHOOSE shows what you feel worthy of.
It’s easier to please someone else rather than making your feelings and desires important.
As an intellectual person spending pretty much all your time in your head, you end up disconnected from your body and your truth.
When you’re used to using your intellect to make all your decisions, rationalising is far easier than being truthful, to yourself, or to another.
Underneath it all is survival fears - of being alone forever, of what might happen if you speak your truth, making you compromise in order to stay safe. But it comes with a huge cost.
Ultimately you know you’ll never be truly happy until you are in full integrity with what you feel and what you allow and do.
And the only way that can happen is for you to discover all of who you are.
All this can feel terrifying. But that’s because you are using your mind to overthink it all.
You are much more than your mind and so much more is possible than what your survival brain will tell you.
When you reconnect back to your body, and can stay present in the moment, it becomes easy.
You realise that you can have complete trust in your truth.
As you become solid in your integrity magic starts to happen.
When you go first life has the opportunity to meet you where you are at.
All it takes is awakening more of you, reconnecting your back to your body and your Wild, Divine, Orgasmic nature, instead of living life all up in your head.

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