Aug 07, 2022

I recently worked with a woman who had 15 years of pelvic tension completely heal. 

The pelvic floor physio she’d been seeing for over a year had said “I don’t understand why we can’t shift this last piece of lingering pain”. She just couldn’t get to it and it was frustrating them both. They’d made a lot of progress but the pain and its embarrassing effects of urine leakage were stopping her from having fun in her life. She’d stopped booking any holidays with friends. She didn’t feel like she could try any new sports even though she is normally really active as the fall out of increased pelvic tension wasn’t worth it. She’s only in her 40’s. 

Then in a session with her physio something kicked off in her body. A big release with trembling, intense emotions, confusion, overwhelm and intense fear about what was going on. Her physio phoned me as she didn’t know what to do to help her client. 

When she came to me she couldn’t relax. The meditation exercises that were initially helping to relax her pelvic floor were making her feel more wobbly and stirred up. She didn’t know why she was feeling really angry or why her danger radar was on high alert any time she heard a noise. She realised that the anger and danger radar intensity had been in the background for a long time but now it was right in the forefront to the point she wasn’t feeling good about how it might come out with her work colleagues and she didn’t feel safe walking through a car park even in the daylight. 

Through our sessions the pain completely disappeared, never to return, as we healed the trauma that had been trapped in her body. She discovered who she is without carrying this around. She became grounded, peaceful and able to take on whatever new sport she desired. As well as being able to deeply connect now with her partner. And she became clear that the work she was doing was playing small and she had another dream that she’d not yet realised. 

There are so many women who I see that have trauma stored in their pelvis. Most often they have no idea that it is there. Sometimes they wonder if there’s supposed to be more pleasure sensation during sex or if it’s normal to feel what they feel. Perhaps avoiding sex, as they aren’t getting that much from it. 

Interestingly there is a big connection between sexual trauma and women feeling confused about their purpose. Trauma in the pelvic area and root area specifically affects a woman’s sense of self, feeling of your power and your purpose and direction in the world. Women tell me of a sense of frustration and feeling of being out of alignment with the work they are doing. But they have no idea what next steps to take to resolve it or what work to move into. 

Some people have quite intense tension patterns but they carry on their life as normal using management strategies. Like avoiding certain activities and regularly seeing a body-worker such as an acupuncturist, physiotherapist or osteopath, to bring the body to a functioning level. They’ve usually tried a few things, even pain medication. A lot of times people have seen a number of different specialists but they’ve just not been able to work out what the real issue is and how to resolve it. 

Tension patterns that keep reoccurring even after hours of osteopathy, physiotherapy and all those other modalities you’ve tried are indicative of trauma being stuck there. It might not be one big event or even something that is defined as sexual assault. But also all the times when you overrode the messages from your body and carried on having sex even when it didn’t feel good to you. 

Trauma is an unwrapped gift. When you transmute it, it becomes life force, vitality, joy, power and a sense of becoming more and more yourself. 

You will literally make totally different choices once this is resolved in all aspects of your life, particularly in the realm of relationships and work choices. Choices that reflect your larger self and the biggest vision possible for your life.  You will feel, and taste your full power in every single cell of your being. 

This is an exciting time as it is transition time. The transition from who you are now into who you BECOME. 

I wish you could have been there to witness the delicious moment of full coming home for the woman I have been speaking of here. When her power came in it came in BIG TIME and she could hold it. 

Her posture became upright and open. She had a tangible feeling of power, hers. She was magnificent to behold. The pain had completely disappeared and to her amazement, her pelvis now felt incredibly relaxed. What came out of her mouth was “I wonder what to do with all this!” Then with total clarity, she knew what she WANTED. 

This work goes to the root. 

The biggest expansion of your power and capacity is through your body.

When you un-tame your body you un-tame your wildest dreams and create a life that you truly love. 

X I love you Nina

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