Jan 20, 2023
More richness, connection and a sense of worthiness come into your life when you shift memories of the past that are stored in your body.
The past is not only a mind narrative. Your body is a store of everything.
Imagine a runner on the starting block, waiting for the signal to go. If the runner never gets the signal the potential energy stays in the body waiting and waiting to complete.
What the body wants is that moment of running over the line, where your hands are in the air. This is when you feel free and powerful.
With locked-up potential energy, you unconsciously are searching around for what is wrong. Is it something wrong with you, is it something wrong with your environment, or with the person you are with.........
You might notice you feel kinda dead at times, extremely triggered by partners or particular situations, so fricken tired for no reason, or have recurring physical pains that no physician, physiotherapist, or chiropractor can sort out.
When you work with the body you unleash that potential energy and it is amazing!
Hello! I feel alive!
Here is my pleasure.
Here is bliss.
I feel open and oh so good.
There is a sense of life force awake in you like never before.
I am ALIVE. Here I am.
This is the work of my life. To bring more life force and freedom to more women. I do this with 1-1 and group programs.
This is the journey of the Wild Woman. She is undomesticating herself to live her full expression.
She discovers the multidimensionality of her being. Far beyond how the left brain analytical mind wants to define and limit her.
Through descent into the wild and magical terrain within she discovers RICHNESS.
She KNOWS that this is the way of living within her that has been waiting to be come out.
She is lit from within and magnificent to behold.
She is YOU.
X with fire in my heart

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