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Are you wanting to step into your most liberated you?



Have you forgotten who you are or lost connection with your power. Or swimming in self doubt, not enoughness, physical pain or confusion. Or, are you are right now experiencing the frequency of which you know you want to create your life from going forward; contentment, peace, bliss, abundance or something else divine and you want to train your body to make this your new normal. In this somatic expansion session we will discover and activate your greatness frequency be that peace, contentment, bliss, inner power or something else that holds resonance in your body. Feeling all the places where that energy is already in your body and activate it so you remember who you are and are able to hold more of that expansive energy in your body before you contract so you can transcend your limitations, expand your capacity and create your dreams from this place of wholeness and enoughness.


Uncoupling sessions are here to liberate you from patterns you no longer want to be running the show. For instance, do you want to be liberated from your productivity and success in your work being coupled with your sense of value? Or you want your sexual pleasure to be uncoupled with your fear of failure so you can surrender fully in bed to your arousal potential and orgasm? Coupling is where two or more things have got glued together and it's not serving you. It means that your shadows are hidden and are in fact ruling your life. Because your subconscious is where all action gets taken from The more you liberate and transform these patterns within you can live from your greatest and most divine expression in the world and with it feel more peace and contentment in your life and be fully expressed. You will find yourself naturally making decisions that are from a healed and whole version of who you are. Some things get overcoupled where they are always linked together, i.e. repressing patterns such as your enoughness linked to how hard you work. But other things get under-coupled as in, they are missing from your range of expression. For women, this is often things like rage. We've been programmed not to feel our anger so we might instead go into people pleasing instead of being angry. Come and liberate yourself from your conditioning.


This is for the woman that wants to create her life from a new state of BEing. You’ve created much success and you still have dreams inside of you to bring to reality. But this time you want to do it from a new frequency. I had a vision come to me in the creation of this space. It is of lionesses on a plateau rock overlooking the valley and the realm with which they reign. There is a sense of relaxed, powerful and peaceful energy with the natural hum of aliveness and sensuality that comes with those states. A crown is passed from one lioness to another. Each wearing it for some time. For me, this vision symbolises the coming together of amazing women. Each with their own unique medicine and power and in this space each will be seen, really seen, and felt in their magnificence. So that they can go out into the world and create from a place of knowing who they are and from their true Self. We will dance with the darkness that naturally arises through this process of expansion in your life and transmute it all into gold. Doing soul retrieval and power activations piece by piece so you live more and more in your unconditioned nature. This is Wild Woman Medicine for the Soul

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